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This afternoon I had the pleasure of talking with my friend Jerry D. for a couple of hours. I was interested in his opinions of the Unbounded hope theory and statements, and he gave me many thoughts to ponder. We were in agreement on many things, but he was the perfect #7 foil with his personally evolved ideas. He has thought deeply about these issues and similar ones, and has arrived at personal concise statements that are applicable to what I am trying to do. My main objective is to explore how hope can be created and to state it in a brief set of principles that will consistently create hope. Jerry would like them to be even more concise. – “Do the right action for the moment.” I agree with that, but even as the principles are presently stated they are too abstract and too generalized.

We call Hope a good thing because it makes us feel good but hope is like a narcotic with a short term pleasure which brings on a long term disaster. Whoever first developed the Pandora myth appears to have known that aspect of Hope and that is why it was in the box.”

The fact that hope may bring disaster is a possibility, but hope is the only reliable thing for motivating human beings to keep on struggling, even against the inevitable fates. When hope is gone, despair overwhelms the will to action, and sorrow destroys the soul’s eagerness to live.

A picture of Pandora just opening a beautiful box.

Pandora opens the box. It is such a pretty box.

Pandora – painting by John William Waterhouse (1895). Cleaned by me.

“She is such a nice looking girl, who would never do anything bad, and it is such a pretty box, it could never hold anything but pretty things. So why not take a little peek? Just a tiny little peek. It is certain to be something nice.”

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This version,  #25  #26, is revealed to me as …

We seek unbounded hope for our future by doing another unique kind act, and by:

1. —exploring the orderly nature of our bountiful Universe, so we can help ourselves and others benefit from everything that it makes possible.

2. —striving to physically survive as individuals and as a species by seeking opportunities to live and participate in every favorable place.

3. —creating open-ended attractor goals, so you and I and all living beings can have meaningful lives within our personal worlds.

4. —becoming known to everyone as dedicating our wisdom and energy to alleviating the suffering of all beings.

5. —helping everyone to find meaning in their lives by helping them to find a personal path to kind acts and thus to unbounded hope.

6. —making a habit of giving our attention to individuals and acknowledging their wisdom and kind acts within our shared Universe.

7. —appreciating that we as people expressing diverse views to one another are more likely to discover the bounty of our Universe and the beautiful new ways we may choose to live our lives.

This #26 rendition emphasizes the practical doing of unique kind acts so hopes may be realistically energized. “Do the right action for the moment.”