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The electric power supply got shut down by lightning for an hour. We kept reading the book we were already reading on our Kindle, and the power came back on about an hour later. So, no big deal … except our electronics were all screwed up. After trying to simply turn on everything, which didn’t work, we started the usual things of going to the house fuse box, then the sub fuse box, then simple light fixtures into the power sockets trying to find why electricity wasn’t getting to the computer and the monitor. It has been several years since we bought a battery power backup, and it failed to keep the computers and screen on, but its lights came on when we fussed with the wall outlets and power bar to find a good outlet as proven by our light fixture work. After considerable poking around with the test light bulb, we discovered that one of the outlets on the power bar had a loose wire on the inside and only worked intermittently. We rearranged the plugs so the important stuff worked. Unfortunately …

Time’s up for writing my blog so this one is brief, but it might help you some day for restarting your system after it dies.