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This rewrite of the introductory statement “hope created by kindness” clarifies the overly absolute claims by replacing “We find unbounded hope” with “We seek unbounded hope.”

The experience is that by being kind to all others we cultivate the habit of being kinder to ourselves. Thus, as time passes we find that we are living with an ever kinder person, ourselves, and then find the boundaries of our hope have expanded.

First, we seek using kindness, and then with the experiences following that kindness made real, we find our hopes being attained and more new hopes becoming available to be made real. It is important that we keep our hopes within the possibilities that the Universe can make available to us, for if we make our hopes beyond the ability of our existing Universe to deliver we will be invariably be disappointed.

The former #6 statement has been moved to the final #7 position to make our closing proclamation symmetrical with the opening #1 statement.

#2 had the phrase “every available place.” It now feels too strong and too encroaching on what is available. The idea is to make readily available other livable spaces, because if a species or a person has only one place to live and it becomes degraded somehow, they are in instant trouble, and may die. Those who have alternate places to go to immediately are more likely to survive and prosper. The statement “every friendly place” implies that the new space is more open and that you can immediately live there in peace and harmony. The implication is to put down home roots in alternate possible places.

#2 has the words “live and survive” changed to “live and participate.” The term survivor implies a person living on the starving edge of the environment or society, whereas the term participate implies a high level of acceptance and a useful social function in the new location.

#5 had the words “helping them find,” which is more specific when stated as “helping every individual find”.

The #6 statement has been moved to the final #7 position to make our closing proclamation symmetrical with the #1 statement

#7 The more open we are to other people’s ideas the more likely we are to find new ones that enhance our own ideas and all of our lives.

Old #7, now #6, had the phrase “kind acts,” which needs to be changed to “wisdom and kind acts.” Many people seeing a kind act may not recognize it as kindness and only see it as a physical action. There needs to be some information communicated to them so they perceive the action was motivated by the wisdom of kindness. The wisdom is that the kind act helps everyone.

Version #24 is revealed to me as …

We seek unbounded hope for our future by being infinitely kind, and by:

1. —exploring the orderly nature of our bountiful Universe, so we can help ourselves and others benefit from everything that it makes possible.

2. —striving to physically survive as individuals and as a species by seeking opportunities to live and participate in every friendly place.

3. —creating open-ended attractor goals, so you and I and all living beings can have meaningful lives within our personal worlds.

4. —becoming known to everyone as dedicating our wisdom and energy to alleviating the suffering of all beings.

5. —helping everyone to find meaning in their lives by helping every individual find a personal path to unbounded hope and infinite kindness.

6. —making a habit of giving our attention to individuals and acknowledging their wisdom and kind acts within our shared Universe.

7. —appreciating that we as people expressing diverse views to one another are more likely to discover the bounty of our Universe and the beautiful new ways we may choose to live our lives.

This #24 rendition emphasizes the practical doing of kindness so it may be successfully accomplished.