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I am still a beginning gardener. Some things are growing really well, such as weeds. I have done a lot of weeding, but some small things I was unable to identify as weeds a month ago and so I let them grow. Somehow, the weeds grow much faster than the domesticated plants which I started as seeds, and in a month they grew well but the weeds grew much better. I put fertilizer on the whole business, and we have been eating a lot of lettuce, zucchini, radishes, peas, carrots, kale, and a few strawberries. Several tomato plants are producing largish tomatoes that are still bright green, but they look healthy.

Amid that mostly tasty semi-success, this afternoon Debbie browsed beneath some very tall weeds I had grown and discovered this …

Discarded monster radishes in the kitchen sink

There in our discard to the compost pile, located in a plastic container, were these bloated radishes. I suppose we could have found a better use for them than compost, but they looked like monsters, and we don’t need to eat Darwinian monsters at the moment.

Along with growing healthy weeds I have gained a skill in growing monster radishes.