This afternoon I encountered a friend M in one of my coffee shops. We both were meeting other people but chatted for five minutes until they arrived. After a brief catch-up conversation, we somehow got on to the subject of skin oils. I hadn’t been paying any particular attention to my forearm skin for the last several months because there were other issues in my life which had distracted me. But …

Several months ago I purchased some Shiny Leaf Organic Argan oil in response to something or other, or someone or other, which I have forgotten, that recommended it. I was using it on my hair because it was looking dry and brittle. That’s not an uncommon problem for an 84-year-old head of hair. It’s remarkable that I have any hair at all, as most of my cohort are looking awfully sparse in that area.

My procedure was to put about three drops of this very light oil on my left palm, to rub it vigorously between my two palms and then rub my palms over the top of my head for a few seconds. My hair looked more normal, and then I rubbed my still slightly oily palms on the back of my hands and on the back of my forearms. Occasionally I put a few more drops on my palms and from there a little more on my forearms. I have done this every couple of days without really looking carefully at my arms.

Boring! Except! During my conversation with M, I looked at carefully at my arms and was astonished at how good they looked. He had to go, and I was sitting there looking at my arms and wondering what happened. Other than the argan oil, the only unusual thing is the hormone treatments I’m taking to suppress a reoccurrence of my prostate cancer. That cancer is also a more than common problem for a male of my age.

Did argan oil and hormone treatments make my eighty-four year old hands and forearms look like a twenty-year-old’s?