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Perhaps sometimes you reflect upon yourself and wonder where you can be found. I sometimes try to find my self in a cup of coffee, but I’m not there. Not even in reflections. But sometimes I look into sewers and think I can make out myself in the slime that’s usually found down there.

A coffee cup but it isn’t a reflection of me.

Jackson’s Corner cafe storm sewer. Beautiful stuff but I’m not there either.

An overview of another storm sewer grating near Revere Avenue.

Is that a reflection of me below the storm sewer grating?

Yes, yes! There I am. It’s clearly me, reflected there in that sewer water. I was lost, but now I’m found!

At the Commons Cafe, I find a bright reflection off of the brass plate on the door distorting my shadow’s face, in a shadow grating. Land o’ Goshen! Is that me?

A fence shadow and me. Everywhere I go, I’m being shadowed and grilled.

I go home, and formerly accidentally dribbled rhubarb chutney is raked by light which forms strange patterns. But, it’s not really a grill.

My mind, and life seems captured by things which everyone else ignores.