Nearly everything in our quotidian lives is a gift given to us by nature and by the vast learning experience of humanity as an interacting whole. Nearly everything about natural behaviors can be known, but we as individuals need not try to learn all of them because it is far too much for any individual. But, as a species of over several billion living members and a hundred billion historical ones, we can and have learned a lot. And, with the creation of the internet, our ability to learn from one another and to explore the new ideas more quickly offers as yet unimagined new advances, and technologies, and ways of being human, so all of us personally benefit from that momentary ripple of wisdom.

We presently have wonderful opportunities to increase our species wisdom and our personal wisdom as well, but we must be willing to intentionally look at what will be at first confusing ideas. Opportunities are often obvious, but we don’t see them because we are not willing to look for them. We need to intentionally seek really new ideas to find them.

Here is the 6th idea to be explored and tested for advancing ourselves and our whole species, and perhaps the whole Universe:

We find unbounded hope by being infinitely kind, and by:

6. —appreciating that we as people expressing diverse views to one another are more likely to discover beautiful ways of living our lives.

Idea 6 challenges each of us, and you in particular, to seek what the other person is offering to you that you can understand and use to improve our human experience.

A new vision shared with others has the possibility of stimulating infinite progress, but you must share it so they can improve upon what you provide.