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This morning Daniel and I sat for our morning coffee at the Commons overlooking Drake Pond. It is a beautiful place and the weather was perfect. We talked about last night’s Probaway post, “Hope and kindness #22“. Our conversation wandered through the infinite fields of wildflowers and sticky swamps of possibilities for humans.

Commons view of Mirror Pond with the iconic view thru the fence from where we were sitting.

A cropped-in view showing the scene more clearly.

Classic Bend, Oregon, view of Mirror Pond with Mountains

The opening line of the now old version #22 reads – “We find unbounded hope and give personal kindness by:” – We both liked that wording but after linking it to each of the seven following ideas it seemed stronger and more coherent to our ultimate goal to change the word by to and by I also changed personal kindness to infinitely kind, this gave us — “We find unbounded hope by being infinitely kind, and by:”.  That works by linking the seven ideas following that opening statement, but, by using “and” in that opening the seven ideas become emphasized as additions to the basic idea rather than becoming independent free-floating ideas in themselves. Those small changes require some rewriting of the following ideas which now gives new opportunities and new limitations. So …

Version 23 is revealed as …

We find unbounded hope by being infinitely kind, and by:

1. —exploring the orderly nature of our bountiful Universe, so we can help ourselves and others benefit from everything that it makes possible.

2. —striving to physically survive as individuals and as a species by seeking opportunities to live and survive in every available place.

3. —creating open-ended attractor goals, so you and I and all living beings can have meaningful lives within our personal worlds.

4. —becoming known to everyone as dedicating our wisdom and energy to alleviating the suffering of all beings.

5. —helping everyone to find meaning in their lives by helping them find a personal path to unbounded hope and infinite kindness.

6. —appreciating that we as people expressing diverse views to one another are more likely to discover beautiful ways of living our lives.

7. —making a habit of giving our attention to individuals and acknowledging their kind acts within our shared Universe.

I like this version better than the former ones, but I have thought that many times. How long will this rewriting process last, and where will it go?