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Version 21 revealed as …

We find unbounded hope and give personal kindness by:

1. —exploring the orderly nature of our bountiful Universe, so we can help ourselves and others benefit from everything that it makes possible.

2. —striving to physically survive as individuals and as communities by seeking opportunities to live and thrive in every possible place.

3. —creating attractive self-balancing societies, so you and I and all living beings can have meaningful lives in our sustainable worlds.

4. —manifesting and becoming known and accepted as dedicating our wisdom and energy to alleviating the suffering of all beings.

5. —helping one another to find more fulfilling meanings for our lives by treating everyone as we should to help them attain their kindest self.

6. —appreciating that we as a fellowship of people expressing diverse views are more likely to discover beautiful ways of living our lives.

7. —making a habit of giving our attention to individuals and acknowledging their successes within our shared Universe.

This 21st version expands hope and focuses personalized kindness as a path to a fuller more meaningful inner life.