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There are now homes with many automatic devices that anticipate one’s every need. The temperature being adjusted to your whim has been available since at least the 1940s, when I can first remember changing the temperature as a child. Although that memory may only be of turning the steam heat valve. Anyway, personally set thermostats have been around for a long time, perhaps for thousands of years if you include personal servants pre-adapting your environment to your personal needs.

My thoughts are a bit different for the modern world. Because of the ubiquity of cell phones and their precise locations, there should be apps for pre-adapting nearly everything in your local and destined environment to your personal needs. The chairs and other objects of daily use nearby should be set to your intended location, no matter what your location is, and they should be automatically adjusted to your specific preferences and present needs. And, as your needs change, and thus your preferences change, the environment should be changed to fit those new and transient needs. There’s an app for that, which should be implemented for that and everything else that you might desire. The new tag words should be something like

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