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Last year I planted a patch of strawberries in my back yard, and they did okay for a first-year planting. Not many berries, but the ones we ate were tasty. This year there are many more plants, and they are large and healthy looking and have now been producing berries. We have eaten about twenty of them so far, but I discovered that the robins have been eating just as many as we have and often taking only a few small bites out of some, and thus ruining them for our consumption.

There are two owl-like fake birds that are hanging on strings near the strawberries that rotate in the wind, with bells and reflective flashing bodies. They did seem to work for a few days, but after watching them the robins discovered they were fake and continued eating our strawberries.

We then stretched some netting over the whole patch, and that worked for a few days, but then I discovered a robin inside of the netting. I chased at him, not intending to hurt him, but to inform him that he was in a dangerous place where it was difficult to escape. It took him about five seconds of frantic exploration to discover the hole where he got under the netting.

I am thinking about how I could make a three-dimensional prey bird that would change its outline appearance depending on the viewpoint of a robin on the ground feasting on my strawberries. Perhaps one could be made that would have three appearances. One view would be as an owl sitting on a branch, another view, when rotated slightly, could look more like an owl launching from a branch and yet another view could be as an owl coming straight at YOU. Yikes, better not stay here. I prefer to eat strawberries and not to be eaten by owls.

Life has priorities! Eat good food! Don’t get eaten! And reproduce! Those principles are implied in yesterday’s post version 17.