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I rarely discuss my personal health. Then along came a touch of prostate cancer and the forty-four radiation treatments. That was dangerous if not treated but the treatments were apparently successful. Then there was the two-month check-up after all of those treatments, when I had a lump in my groin area that I mentioned to my doctor. He said I had an inguinal hernia. That was taken care of within two months, and I had a remarkably easy time of that too. So, all perfect again.

Then an hour ago, about the time I normally start writing this blog, my blood pressure went from its usual 115/55-55 up to the 150/80-45 range. That’s as high a blood  pressure reading as I have ever seen on my home blood pressure monitor. I immediately asked Debbie to check hers to use the device see if it was malfunctioning, but her reading was typical for her. I feel fine, and yet because of that little blip on my near perfect life, I have been doing other things than writing this blog.

When I started my procedure for a very short blog post, which includes checking my page view monitor, and I was shocked to see there were about five times as many views as usual. My Jack the Ripper posts counted for that huge jump. Apparently, the BBC aired its Jack the Ripper story. I had been contacted about a possible interview, but that never happened. My guess is that they didn’t want one of their cultural heroes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of Sherlock Holmes, being the world’s most infamous serial murder too, so they didn’t pursue that subject in their report. Unfortunately for them, it is easy to find Doyle’s signature built right into the critical documents. I don’t think that claim can be made about any of the other suspects.

It was another day where nothing appeared to be happening to me, if you saw me out watering my garden. I live the life of Pangloss.