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Yesterday’s post was labeled My weekly invention challenge – week #6. It should have been labeled #7. That’s a minor problem, but a far bigger one is me. It isn’t procrastination that keeps me from following up on ideas, it’s the disinterest in putting together a team of people capable of doing the things I have no interest in doing.
A team consists of a cooperating group of individuals with different talents and different lifestyles. These people normally do not socialize together. Lawyers hang out with lawyers, accountants with accountants, advertising types with their kind, salesmen with others of the talkative ilk and inventors with most anybody but not in a kind of leadership role. Even a good invention needs a dedicated leader with a team type of personality to get a product successfully to market.
I like to do things, actual physical things, but not the types of things listed. I have had friends in all the categories listed above, but they were always individuals, and never part of an organized team. I like discovering things, physical things and intellectual things, and showing them to people, but I dislike telling people what to do. No! It’s more like an aversion.
These are important things for me at the moment because of the challenge, which I accepted, of inventing something new every day. Most of these things are trivial, even if they are new and useful, but my challenge wasn’t to create the equivalent of the wheel every day, just something, anything. Most of these things I’ve presented to those guys are just feeble patches of existing things that have some flaw that makes using the objects more difficult than they need to be.
But some of these things probably do have economic potential. That is, some people would value these items enough to pay real money for them. If that is true then I am depriving people of things they want, and they just don’t know it yet. Am I being cruel by not giving these people things they would want if they knew these things existed for a price they would be willing to pay? The pain is nonexistent, or is it?