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Here are some more inventions that should have been decades ago; perhaps they were, but I haven’t seen them.

Adhesive learning tapes – There are many opportunities to put labels on things to remind you of something and thus Postit was created and it works well if you write the message. But, how about things like learning a language where the names of common items could be stuck onto the appropriate items. Another learning application would be to place the adhesive tape on an item with a reminder word for what that item is named and your action that is necessary to obtain the desired result. There are lots more uses based on that simple principle.

Walk on water – Today I was watching people standing on paddle boards and moving gracefully along Drake Pond and it would appear that one person was friendly with geese as he moved along.

Easy peal adhesive tape – After the adhesive tape is applied and it needs to be moved a little or removed completely, it is sometimes difficult to get it started. Usually, a fingernail is used, but sometimes that doesn’t work and a blade is needed to get under the tape to lift it a little to get it started. I oftentimes place a fold at the edge of the adhesive tape so it folds back on itself, where it sticks to its folded self, and forms a finger grip. This concept could be built into rolls of the adhesive tape to form a preexisting easy to grip edge.

Handle extensions – Some grip handles for pulling open chest of drawers, drawers lie too flat against the vertical face and are difficult to grip. That is especially difficult in dark rooms

Light switch extensions – Electric light switches sometimes need to be found that are located in dark places. That problem could be alleviated by putting a soft extension built into the lever. A home alternative is to cut some duct tape to fit the switch toggle and extend out for easy grip.

Crippled hands switch – An electric wall switch could be made for people with limited mobility hands, body, or feet, by making the switch that defaults to the up position after being used. That kind of switch could easily have various type of attachments for different needs. A long string to the floor could be dangled, from the wall switch toggle, with large built-in loops or large grips.

Nonslip fingernail clipper – Crome fingernail clippers are very slippery and frequently slip and fall to the floor when they are being used as designed. That problem is easily fixed by gluing fine sandpaper to where the fingers are gripping the clipper.

Those inventions are all obvious once you see them.