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I presented just the first two of this week’s inventions to my Monday book club challenge.

A slipping helmet – Head and neck injuries are a serious problem in sports, but many of these could be prevented by making the helmets slippery so there would be less shock transmitted to the brain from most impacts.

Notched toilet paper – Standard toilet paper rolls are cut into squares with perforations which permit easy tearing into separate pieces for use. These perforations are slightly resistant to beginning to tear. Generally, the hanging paper can be reliably jerked quickly to the side.

A velcro lapel button – Many politicians are seen on TV wearing lapel buttons, and they must change them often to appeal to different audiences that they will be meeting. The current lapel button has a pinpointing out the back which penetrates through the wearer’s clothing and is attached to an appropriate clip. I have some of these types of lapel buttons and sometimes have difficulty in getting them inserted and adjusted. That problem could be eliminated by having a fixed velcro patch on the suit, perhaps built into the usual metal pin going thru the clothing, which would present the appropriate orientation velcro to an appropriate style button. These buttons could be changed in a second, which might be necessary sometimes for politicians.

Belly button cleaning system – Human belly buttons sometimes get crud into them which is difficult to get out. A standard Waterpik used for cleaning teeth is okay for this task, but it tends to have too pointy a jet and it points straight forward. This invention consists of simply having an angled deflector at the tip of the spray head which would cleanse the skin to the side as well as the bottom of the belly button pit.

Velcroed cell phones – A patch of velcro attached to the back of a cell phone would permit it being attached to various places with appropriate velcro, where it could be stationed and easily found. For example on the side of one’s computer monitor, or on the inside of a jacket instead of in a pocket, or “heaven forfend!” attached to one’s body or arm with a harness.

Velcroed night reflectors – There is a need for removable night reflectors that could be easily attached and removed from clothing, shoes, hats, bikes, trees, driveways, etc.

Micro RFIDs in liquids – It is difficult to know what a liquid is and difficult to attach a label to the liquid. Sometimes the label on a container isn’t what is in the container, but if during manufacture micro RFIDs could be part of the solution then cellphone apps could be designed to identify liquids.

My first two inventions were challenged as being unworkable. I responded that I am challenged to create inventions, not good inventions.