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A couple of things bothered me this week that can be fixed easily and I wonder why they haven’t been fixed decades ago. For example:

Jar and bottle cap index markers – Vast amounts of time are wasted by every person trying to close jars, bottles, pill bottles, etc., because they can’t find the proper alignment of the corresponding threads. The simple solution is to have a mark built into the top of every lid that would correspond to a mark on the container that the lid was intended to fit. By aligning the lid marker with the corresponding jar index marker and turning the lid in the direction of an arrow mark on the lid the tightening would be facilitated. Using an arrow is helpful because there are occasions when threading is reversed and the arrow would point in the opposite direction to indicate this unusual condition. The lid arrow could be a standardized design using an equilateral triangle (stretched to double design) pointing in the direction for closing the lid. The jar marker could be the same shaped triangle pointing toward the lid. When the vertical edge of the lid arrow aligned with the vertical point of the jar arrow it would be located in an ideal position for twisting the lid closed. For added precision, the jar arrow is tilted slightly so the side toward the closed position would be vertically aligned with the vertical edge of the lid arrow. This same arrow alignment method can also be used for marking the direction for closing doors. For a history of bottle closures, go to Society for Historical Archeology.

A foolishness app – This is a cell phone app that warns the person that they are engaged in foolish behavior that may result in personal injury. One function would be linked to GPS and it would indicate excessive automobile speed in appropriate locations. It could also be linked to mountain trails and warn bike riders of dangerous behavior, and warn of dangers and injuries that had occurred ahead of where they are presently going. Another function could be linked to entering into a bar where people often depart and have accidents. It could warn of entering social situations where foolishness is rampant.

A dream recording app – The device would monitor brain waves and when dream states are detected it could send an audible beep to suggest the person speak out what is happening in their dream.

A camera app – that is similar to existing automatic photo manipulation programs, but label them to given artists and art styles, and verbally or with pointers have the person move their camera to create the appropriate arrangements of line, texture, and color.

A lifestyle app – For example using an existing architectural app that makes it possible to walk through a house, but with the addition of the ability to place furniture and decorations, and appropriately dressed people into the scene. Another application of this idea is to make external locations like parks or cities into various styles.

A belly button cleaner – This is an application for the already existing water jet tooth cleaner which shoots a small jet of water at the teeth and gums. Belly buttons get crud in them that is difficult to remove with a fingernail and the water pick could be designed to fit onto a showerhead, a bathtub faucet, or a specially designed self-powered waterjet system.

Velcro lapel pins – The push through lapel pins are sometimes difficult to get through the clothing material and that problem is aggravated by every lapel pin having its own pin and back attachment system. It takes a minute or more to change a lapel pin to fit the new social/political situation. By having a single lapel button with a velcro surface and buttons with corresponding attachment velcro, a button could be changed in seconds.

Those are all obvious inventions and easily implemented.