This set of ideas has been written over and over again because it is necessary to get it right. I have written it until it seems perfect in the moment, but the next day it is no longer quite right because I am approaching these ideas in a new way. Below I have created a list of synonyms for all the significant words, so you may compare them for the stability and suitability of the potential meaning of the whole document.

This attempt #9 is written in an exploratory form based on synonyms

We Unitarian Universalists seek to:

  1. —discover (find, create, see, learn, notice) the orderly (clean, tidy, neat, arranged) nature (life energy generation creation strength) of the Universe (cosmos, creation, world, heavens, everything), so we (I, you) may (might) be (live, inhabit, dwell, subsist, exist, survive, live out, continue, experience, dwell, occupy, abide, inhabit, persist, get along, thrive) in a beautiful (lovely, pretty, handsome, comely, fair) relationship (connection, link, linkage) with (accompanying, affecting) all (every one) of the beautiful (lovely, pretty, handsome, comely, fair) options (alternatives, possibilities, choices, freedoms) it offers us.
  2. —minimize (decrease lessen reduce prevent) the suffering (pain agony woe distress hurt) of all (every, each, each and every) living (extant alive active breathing) things and to enable (allow permit facilitate empower entitle) human (mortal fallible imperfect frail compassionate kindly) wisdom,(depth profoundness reasonableness goodness) health, (wellbeing fitness vigour) and happiness.(bliss contentment pleasure wellbeing gladness beatitude )
  3. —create (produce distill derive establish generate originate initiate start actualize establish develop design breed establish) and maintain (preserve conserve preserve keep uphold sustain prolong nurture perpetuate) a perfectly (absolutely completely entirely fully totally utterly wholly ) balanced (just fair equal open-minded equitable unprejudiced prudent rational sane sensible wise) society (group, civilization culture structure fraternity fellowship companionship relationship social order people union league company) so (thusly thus, and so, and then, then, hence) everyone (everybody, each person, every person, one and all) may (might can could, be able to) live (live on, survive, last, endure, subsist, exist, live out, experience, dwell, occupy, abide, inhabit reside, lead, exist, survive, thrive, abide) within (inside, in) a delightful (charming pleasant refreshing pleasing, engaging, heavenly, enjoyable, gratifying, agreeable) and sustainable (steady, livable, unruined) world. (natural order, nature, domain, experience, globe, earth, land, period, time, era, creation, )
  4. —recognize (acknowledge, know recognise, know, discern, recognise, call up, retrieve, identify, welcome, receive, acknowledge, recognise, appreciate, honor, reward, notice, allow, admit, grant, concede, perceive) our (we) unique (special, unrivaled, peculiar, exclusive) personal (mental, social, human, technological) abilities (aptitude, adaptability, sensitivity, competence, magic, penetration, language, skills,talent, know-how, gift, competence, energy, aptitude, cleverness, potential, capacity, craft, skill) and choose to use (pick, prefer, select designate, desire, wish) them to help (aid, back, support, encourage, assist, succor, heal, cure, facilitate, ) others (children, family, friend, strangers, foreigner, alien, cyborg, bionic man, machine) live () healthier and (wholesome, sound, hale, robust, well, strong) happier (content, glad, blessed, blest, cheerful, gratified, joyous, joyful, fortunate, appropriate, apt) lives. (being, state, presence, possibility, existence). 
  5. —acknowledge (state, answer, announce, declare, vocalize, submit, proffer, accept, support, confirm, recognize, approve) that () we () as a () group (collection, accumulation assortment organization, association, fellowship, assemblage, people) of individuals (personalities, selves, adventurers, seekers, searchers, inhabitants, lovers, beings, loan, discrete distinct ordinary units, characters) expressing (showing, conveying, asserting, venting, displaying, revealing, actualizing, proving, exposing,) positive (optimistic, confident, hopeful, buoyant, useful, practical, progressive, enthusiastic, supportive, affirmative, definite, explicit, affirmative) but () diverse (various, diversified, different, contrasting, distinct, discrete, separate, variant) views (opinion, perspective, sight, persuasion, sentiment, judgement belief) are more () likely (probable, potentialy credibly prone, liable apt, expected plausible, feasible hopefully) to discover (detect, notice, observe, find, see, ascertain, conceive, reveal) mutually (reciprocally, inversely) beneficial (useful, profitable, advantageous, productive, rewarding, worthwhilem serviceable) opportunities (possibleties, openings, moments, windows) than we () will (wish, desire, want, choose) find (notice, spot, locate, observe, discover, breakthrough, detect) as solitary (single, alone, isolated, lonely, lonesome, sole, asocial, exclusive) individuals.(mortal, soul, personality, appointee, experimenter, expert, individualist, native, intellect, lover, observer, )
  6. —make (give, present, deliver, secure, obtain cause, initiate) a voluntary (intended, willing, conscious,deliberate, planned, studied, purposed unenforced, uncompelled, free, honorary, spontaneous, volitional, deliberate) decision (selection, choice, pick, resolution, conclusion, determination, judgment, resolution) to help (assist, aid, facilitate, lift, boost, succor, support, maintain, promote, avail) each () of us () to grow (advance, progress, improve, transform, recover, step-up) in understanding (comprehension, self-knowledge, appreciation, insight, realization, judgment, awareness, appreciation, insight, sympathy, sensitivity, love, concern goodwill, kindness, considerateness, helpfulness, assisting, aid, facilitate, succor, serve, work, represent) and affection (protectiveness, regard, respect, care, ) for one another.(reciprocate, reflexive helping)

This is getting better to my way of thinking, but what will tomorrow bring?

Suggestions are welcome…

[ Below is another rewrite. The method used this time was to take each word and check through that word’s synonyms searching for a more subtle nuance to the basic ideas.]

Attempt #9 for comparison to the document above

We Unitarian Universalists seek to:

  1. —discover the orderly nature of the Universe, so we may be in a beautiful relationship with all the beautiful options it offers us.
  2. —minimize the suffering of all living things and to enable human wisdom, health, and happiness.
  3. —create and maintain a perfectly balanced society so everyone may live within a delightful and sustainable world.
  4. —recognize our unique personal abilities and choose to use them to help others live healthier and happier lives.
  5. —acknowledge that we as a group of individuals expressing positive but diverse views are more likely to discover mutually beneficial opportunities than we will find as solitary individuals.
  6. —make a voluntary decision to help each of us to grow in understanding and affection for one another.