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I did some usual things, like go to the Commons and talk to my old dude friends, as I do every weekday morning for an hour or two. Today, it was Daniel, and I showed him some of my inventions which he took pictures of and sent them to a friend in Germany. Hmm?

The weather had intermittent stormy clouds which made for some good photo opportunities of Mirror Pond, and I took my usual sequence. Someday I may show these identical scenes in various weather and lighting situations. Then, I went home and read about 1936 Unitarian problems and thought about how they relate to today’s problems. Very similar.

Worked in the garden several times as a reading break, and it is growing well. Debbie and I took a long walk, and many pictures of nothing, but very pretty abstractions. Read a lot more, and when it came time for this blog I got to work, but bit off more than I could complete, so …

I’m tossing off this typical day as a space filler.