Today wasn’t extraordinary, and yet it was. I took some fine photos of Mirror Pond showing its surprisingly mirror-like qualities. A few minutes later, when I got to the Commons coffee shop, I showed some of the last few days of photos —of shadows— to my professional artist friend, Richard Cork, and he liked them very much. We talked about art for almost two hours. When he departed I talked with Daniel, an artist-craftsman, about his works. They are very refined cabinet works.

In the afternoon I was invited to talk for half an hour about my life to my Monday afternoon group of twenty older men. I did my presentation chronologically starting with my mother’s problems and my birth. The presentation went well, but in the half an hour I only got to about age twenty-two, of eighty-three years, and things have been getting more interesting every year. I did have time to keep my promise of showing them an invention for every day. Today it was a back of the hand bruise prevention, a band-aid package opener, a key chain supporter for a car ignition, an easy to pull free package top opening device, a secure small cardboard box closure, and a treatment for arthritis …

At six Debbie and I went to an Artificial Intelligence lecture which we both participated in with comments that led to an extended discussion.

Debbie is now watching the final episode of Game of Thrones. I never watched a single episode, but everyone seems to have enjoyed it. I have been watching Berry with Bill Hader and Steven Colbert’s monologues, but that’s about it for TV viewing.

My garden is sprouting, but it’s now 38° F. So, I’m hoping it doesn’t get too cold tonight for tiny beings.