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For three weeks I have been successful in coming up with an invention every day. I was challenged with inventing something every day by my Monday afternoon book discussion group. I immediately refused to accept, saying that even Thomas Edison wouldn’t accept such a monstrous challenge. But they wouldn’t relent. I was bullied into it after three refusals. The only way such a challenge could be sustained for very long was to solve some of the really tiny problems that are ubiquitous.

One of the ones I brought in for their viewing last Monday was a small box used in restaurants for leftovers.  The box I had been given the day before had a tendency to pop open, so I worked on that problem for a while and cut out of the cardboard lid a little hook that would catch the side of the slot opening. It worked better than the original box and didn’t accidentally pop open as easily.

However, one of the guys said that sometimes food leaked out the top corners when a box was tipped on its side even if it didn’t spring open. Tonight, when I should have been thinking about the new paradigms for the Unitarian Universalist fellowships, I was trying to solve the box problem. I was thinking inside of the box, when I should have been thinking outside of the box, and my thinking and writing time was used up. I stumbled upon a simple, obvious once you see it, solution to that problem.

Perhaps, someday you will get to use one of my new boxes in a restaurant.