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One contradiction after another. Even the smallest insignificant things seem to require adjustment the next day. Yesterday, on my morning walk with Debbie, we saw a dandelion with 64 blossomed stalks and thought that was amazing and far beyond the bounds of normal reality. Today, primed to look at dandelions, we found one and counted 113 blossomed stalks. And, further along our path, there was a long stalked one that I picked, carried home, and tossed out onto my garden, so I’m going to break off this for a moment and go fetch it. … I’m back, and it measures 2 feet 3 inches. Some dandelions we saw in people’s lawns don’t appear to have any stalks. None!

I bring up this trivial measure of contradiction because I have been rewriting some documents of Unitarian Universalist favored beliefs. It is for my own pleasure, as I have absolutely no authority to be changing those things. My problem is easy to see if you have been following this blog for the last few days. What seems okay, even good, one day seems flawed the next day. What seemed like a clarification yesterday appears as fog today. The word pettifogger pops into my mind. That’s a term of derision applied to all of those unscrupulous lawyers representing the other side of a legal question with silly unrelated arguments. How many times must I rewrite my restatement of We affirm and promote, before I am willing to affirm and promote that short proclamation?

If even my simplest reality is changing every day, I will always be anxious, and that’s a worry, but I will also be entertained, and that’s a pleasure.