This morning I read the Unitarians Agree statement that I posted last night to a group of independent thinkers. They didn’t like it and said that it felt like I was trying to manipulate them and tell them what to think. Personally, I felt that the Unitarians Agree statement was a serious attempt at an open-ended and non-manipulative aspiration, but I am now going to challenge it and rewrite that statement from a point of view that excludes all reference to any kind of individual control, even of one’s own thoughts and actions. Why? I don’t know, but I am taking it as a challenge.

Some people imagine

  1. —the free exercise of a single human intelligence isn’t an ideal path to a secure future and a group of involved people with opposing world views are more likely to find better solutions to inevitable conflicts.
  2. —that individuals are too removed from their own invisible thinking processes to ever understand their own convictions and reasons.
  3. —that to create and maintain an optimal society with minimal suffering that idea needs to be stated as a clear goal that is publicly defined as the ideal.
  4. —that there needs to be an organized declaration by an acknowledged group that affirms and struggles to minimize suffering.
  5. —that a deliberate effort is needed to strengthen every individual’s understanding of the highest values of which he can become aware.
  6. —there is an orderly nature in the Universe and support humanity’s efforts to better understand the natural order.

That statement is an interesting beginning but it is open to revision.