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After sprinkling and irrigating my garden for most of an hour I went to the Commons coffee shop, took several photos of Mirror Pond and then talked to Richard Cork. We usually talk about art, and I showed him too many pictures that I had taken these last few days, far too many. A couple of pictures on a particular theme is better for conversation than a whole batch of stuff on scattered ideas that I’ve been exploring. We walked over to the Red Chair art gallery and talked to the two women there for a half an hour, about what else … art and artists.

Richard went home and so did I, and there I gave the whole garden another dose of sprinkled water and reflowed the irrigation water ditches. The goal is to get the soil saturated beneath the raised rows that I created with the forty-eight wheelbarrow loads of topsoil that I wheeled in from the front driveway where it was dumped. All the seeds are now in and the overnight temperatures don’t go beneath 42° F. We have a short growing season here in Bend, Oregon, so it’s important to get the seeds planted as soon as the frost is gone.

I am still making little improvements on my Snowshoo snow removal system and am ready to make a working model. Of course, there won’t be any more snow until next winter; perhaps it would be an excuse to go to South Island, New Zealand, this summer/winter to remove snow from those people’s roofs.

I made four new micro-inventions for my Monday group meeting challenge. They didn’t believe that I could invent something every day. I’ve already done eight since Monday and it’s only Wednesday. I like the idea of doing micro-inventions because there are so many little things that can have little improvements. That idea is a spin-off of doing lots of tiny good deeds rather than trying to do something wonderful. Big good deeds are hard to come by, and so are big good inventions, and no doubt big good ideas. So, I’m concentrating on the little things.

I began reading the book Yaxchilan: The Design of a Maya Ceremonial City by Carolyn E. Tate. She is a UU member and gave a lecture last week that I really enjoyed. It was like being back in Berkeley. I really miss going to great lectures by people creating the science they are talking about.

It was another fine day and I had a Purple Carrot dinner prepared by Debbie.