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The human population of the Earth exceeded 7.7 billion last week and I mentioned that to several groups of people that I interact with. That number should be of interest to every person on our planet because every one of us is consuming one-time use resources. The more of us there are, the sooner those one-time use things will be used up and then they will not be available to people in the future. Perhaps those future people will be us. Some things will be replaced by other things, but there will probably prove to be things that are difficult to replace and thus less efficient workarounds will be required. These less efficient workarounds will degrade our life experience a little. They individually may not be too difficult to cope with, but when there are many of them the problems will grow and there may be some things without which we can not live without a population decrease. That effect of dwindling resources will be very unpleasant!

A number that is of some interest to me is the total number of page views this blog receives. It isn’t terribly important to me, yes a little important, but I write this daily blog primarily as a diary for clarifying my own thoughts about things.

Even though the number of page views appears near the top of every post, I somehow missed the turnover of the count to two million page views, and today when I happened to look, it registered 2,002,583. At the current rate of page views that means it turned over about eight days ago.

I guess I’ve been too busy with gardening and other things like inventing something every day to notice the page views.