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Last week I succeeded in living up to a challenge from my Monday afternoon book discussion group. I created a new invention every day. Tomorrow I am supposed to present seven more so here are the ones that I will mention:

4 point pencil – It has two different “leads” placed side by side coming out of each end and only half the length of the pencil. One end could be black and white, and the other end could be red and blue. It depends on how you hold the pencil as to what color will be drawn on the writing surface.

Free slide rule – The slide rule index markings can be printed near the plastic slip-zipper surface of packages, making normal slide rule calculations easily available to everyone because they can be printed for free wherever plastic packaging with slip-zippers are used. Other things like slide calipers for measuring short distances could also be made this way.

Extensions for the Snowshoo – These can be made from PVC pipe readily available in hardware stores. The sizes can slip into larger sizes and thus each extension becomes stiffer and the Snowshoo can be extended to thirty feet with little expense.

Eyeglass pit – Driving glasses can easily be placed in front of the steering wheel on a car with a soft-walled cushion which prevents them from sliding around and falling to the floor.

Robot-ready world – This is something that can be done now and it would make robots much more functional because they could identify objects instantly if they were tagged. RFID would work and other printed code markers could be used. These could be made invisible so as not to detract from the objects’ visual appeal to humans.

A robot-built solar field – A field of solar panels could be designed to be totally built and maintained by robots. Once each of the components had been designed and built they could operate nearly forever and thus it would become very cheap to create electricity.

I’ll have to think of something more for tomorrow to make my seven for the week.