That is a grandiose title, and yet it is a goal that I would hope that all people would aspire to. It seems that most mothers hope for their children to be happy. That is fine, but they are usually limited to that familial ambition. What I would hope for all the people of the world is that they would have the overriding goal of eliminating the suffering of everyone and every feeling being. Any being with pain sensors is capable of feeling pain and those sensors are part of that individual’s natural constitution that direct them away from actions that will cause them harm.

In our relationship with other people, and all other sensitive beings, but especially all of those with whom we have personal interactions, we can help with their happiness by guiding them away from suffering. Those guiding actions generally are not creating happiness, which is usually associated with short-term feelings of pleasure, but helping others to avoid those things that cause them injury. And injury is not the absence of pleasure, but it does degrade the future possibilities for pleasure and sometimes for life itself.

Thus, my aspiration is to help others to avoid doing things that will injure them, and I do that by treating them better than I treat myself.