Today was routine but it was productive in my small way. After getting up, and cleaning up, I went to my coffee shop of choice, the Commons in Drake Park, here in  Bend, Oregon. It was a beautiful day so I took some photos.

My Subaru at the Commons coffee shop in Drake Park

Drake Park from car

View of Drake Park, Mirror Pond, and Sisters mountains as seen a few steps from my car.

View from Commons

View of my car from the Commons’ back porch

There are some of my friends on our favorite couch.

I walk past a view of Mirror Pond on my way back to my Subaru.

We had a great conversation, and then I went home and worked, taking many wheelbarrow loads of dirt from my front driveway back to the garden. There were five cubic yards of topsoil there a couple of days ago, and one more day of moving it. Stuff is now being planted.

It was a day with many more things going on.