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Last night I went to a movie/lecture based on David Attenborough‘s movie, Climate Change—The Facts. That’s a new movie but it is similar to this YouTube The Truth About Climate Change (BBC – Part 2).

After the movie, I spoke up with a complaint about the movie in that it never made the slightest mention of the impact of the world population on the climate change problem.

I held up my cell phone with the instantaneous rollover of population number expanded to fill the screen with the population turning 7,699,999,999 to 7,700,000,000. In the audience of about forty people, no one made a single comment on that fact. Attenborough was born on 8 May 1926, just as the world population crossed 2,000,000,000. Simple mathematical division means there are 3.85 times as many people now as when he was born. If the population were still at that level, the current climate change problem wouldn’t exist. With our current technology and its movement toward sustainable energy consumption by direct usage of solar power via solar panels and wind energy, the problem would never arise. Click here to find the exact number of people living on Earth at the present moment from http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/

It can only be intentional blindness to that simple fact that is going to make the collapse of current fossil fuel civilization incredibly painful.

Intentional blindness to facts is my definition of stupidity.

Updated 2019-04-27

Update of Probaway.wordpress.com World Population history tweaked

29 September 2014

The exact number of people living on Earth at the present moment from http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ is 7,264,145,184. This is an estimate, and the historical figures are clearly even more speculative. The previous Probaway post World population history graphed and smoothed took several authorities’ estimates and drew a more easily remembered line through their speculations. Below I have tweaked those charts to make them even easier to memorize.

Update 2019-04-13 11:40 PM PST = 7,697,122,700

People like to think the population is leveling off, but the worldometers current estimate of population growth this year is 23,042,700.

World population from 3000 BCE to 2020 CE

World population history estimates from the United Nations, Hyde, McEvedy, and Probaway

World human population history in logarithmic presentation

World population from 5000 BCE to 2025 graphed on a logarithmic chart. The data is smoothed but within error bars of demographers.

Another fact is that our population is living at a higher energy-consumption level than  previously.

A balance between food availability and population will be maintained.