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I have lived in my house for eight years now and never knew this thing was hiding in my back yard. It was several inches underground and I had even planted things in the general area without discovering it. However, it suddenly appeared right there within the greenhouse area, which is to be the crown jewel of my garden. I was already laying down rows of topsoil dirt, inside of the structure, that had been purchased from the local garden supply center, when that strange monster attacked my shovel from beneath the ground. After digging for over an hour this was the beast which appeared.

A concrete cylinder with a pipe built into its center lying in the hole I dug around it.

It was at one time a base for something like a bird feeder. It had a pipe in the center which was over two feet long. Underneath it is a car scissor jack which I used to raise it by twisting the jack handle. That required digging under the beast and digging a big volume of dirt out so I could twist the handle. It was far too heavy for me to lift it.

While I was coping with this thing, Debbie was planting seeds at the other end of our outdoor garden. I called her over occasionally to insert supporting pry bars under the thing when it had been raised a few inches by my jacking and prying.

Greenhouse with a concrete problem already lifted several inches out of a hole I dug around it.

As it was raised a little higher, dirt was shoveled under it, tamped down, and the jacking process was repeated.

The concrete cone is still in the hole but almost up to the ground level.

Here it is just when I began digging a ramp to roll it up to the surface. That was successful and the monstrous thing was rolled over to the fence. The rows of topsoil dirt were put in little mountain rows where things will be planted tomorrow.

I did other things today, but that concrete thing was the memorable struggle.