Today for me consisted of simple work, like putting about two cubic yards of topsoil into my newly built greenhouse. A problem developed when a foundation for a bird feeder suddenly popped out of the soil. Actually, it didn’t move at all, it was a chunk of concrete stuck into the ground. I dug around it and as far under it as possible, but after several hours of effort, it hadn’t moved even a tiny bit. Then I got the car jack out of my 1996 Geo Prizm and tried jacking it out; that failed too, so I dug some more. And then got Debbie to push wedges under the concrete chunk while I jacked. That didn’t work either. A further attempt was made to dig even deeper until the whole jack assembly could be positioned at a 45° angle relative to the sloping portion of the chunk of concrete. I jacked and it moved a tiny bit. I stuck a piece of thin wood down into the slot between the concrete and the soil and then did the same on the opposite side of the chunk. After several cycles of this operation, I had raised the whole thing about an inch. Then I was called to dinner.

I had an evening meeting to go to, so that’s the state of things in my greenhouse.