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I did have a couple of great conversations this morning. Separate encounters with old school teachers whom I had never met, but with whom I had a lot to talk about. However, from 11:30 AM to now, 11:30 PM, it was mostly physical work. Not really hard work, for a twenty-three old healthy male, but I’m eighty-three and not quite in perfect health anymore. Cutting out a difficult stump was a success, after several months of trying. That particular job may have been the cause of my inguinal hernia  four months ago, which is now in the sixth week after being surgically repaired with a netting sewn into my abdomen. It’s apparently fine now. Lots of guys my age that I’ve talked to have had this operation.

Five cubic yards of good quality dirt was dumped into my front driveway this morning and I got started with moving it in a wheelbarrow into the back yard and filling the greenhouse base area. Also, I did some minor readjustments of the rope tensioning system on the greenhouse.

The support brackets for the large bookshelves I’ve been working on for weeks arrived and I began installing those. Hopefully, that project will be done in a couple of days.

The weather has been fine, so we moved the outdoor eating table and chairs into place and got the parasol up. That all went easily enough, but it did take time and effort.

Also, I put in some more thoughts on making a better roof snow removal device, and my device is getting better, and much cheaper to make. That particular tool has lots of little details that once seen can be dealt with, with some modification, but first you have to see the problem.

Later in the evening, while taking my usual hot bath, I thought about some other inventions. That is a self-imposed problem because of a casual comment I made to my 1st Pres dudes. Under some social pressure, I said I would do an invention per day. I agree that was a weird idea, but it will be easy to do, at least for a while. I thought of whole categories, while in the bath, of things that can easily be improved, such as the Roomba type of basic device being applied to all sorts of other activities.

It was a day with many frustrations and I’m tired, and not totally happy, but I got some stuff done that I wanted to be done and that gives an adult sort of contentment.