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Today at a meeting with a dozen friends I mentioned that I had invented something every day for the last several days. I wondered out loud if I could do that for a month.

That was the question I asked myself back on January 1, 2008, when I began writing this blog, and I have published a post every day since then. Way back then I didn’t think I had thirty things I could write about, and now WordPress stats claim I have written 4,190. Usually, it doesn’t take more than an hour to write and do a single rewrite, and then Debbie proofreads my efforts and makes corrections. That cleans up the egregious crud in a few minutes and we go about our lives.

Making a new invention must obviously be taken in a very loose way because I’m not going to invent the wheel, or Facebook, or Amazon, or Google, or Wikipedia, but I have designed some substantial improvements on equipment for removing snow from roofs, and I have designed a super cheap slide rule, I mean less than a penny, that could become ubiquitous and requires zero electricity or web access to operate. And, as posted yesterday, I made a greenhouse that has a few novel improvements. 

These old dudes challenged me to accomplish this create-a-new-invention-every-day  nonsense, and asked me to describe my favorite one at our weekly meetings. The reason I titled this post “I’m getting dumber by the day” is because no one with a modicum of intelligence would stick their foot that deep into their open mouth.

I thought I was getting better about not being stupid, such as not critiquing women’s choice in clothing, because of some fervid feedback,

and now this!? Another one step forward and slipping three steps back.