The Easter sermon at the UU was about the resurrection of life. The kids’ lecture before departing to their classrooms was about how mighty things like Ponderosa trees begin as tiny seeds. Rev Scott challenged the kids with questions of how this could happen, and they came up with more interesting answers than I would have done. Dirt, water, the sunshine of course, but also science, pine cones, and love.

After the kids wended their way through the arch of arms we adults formed while they while being sung out the door to their classrooms, the sermon became more adult and more serious, but every bit as much fun. It concluded with a gift of a package of Oregon bachelor button flower seeds being given to each person of the packed audience. There were two services so we may have had almost four hundred people – I didn’t count, but there were a lot of people.

In the hour between the two services I walked the labyrinth with my friend Nate and we had a profound conversation. At least I thought so, and the rocks were in fine fettle because of the spring rains and intermittent sunshine, and they were very helpful for me in answering my questions to them. Nate and I went back to the church building where I do several little tasks like help with the collection.

I usually participate in the Collection at the UU and prime the process with a folded dollar in the decorative basket.

Here in Bend, Oregon, it was a beautiful spring day, and a wonderful Easter.