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There were several very pleasant conversations today with my friends. Also, I worked quite a lot on creating bookshelves out of boards and slotted wall mounts. That turned out to be more difficult than expected, in part because the project kept getting bigger and needed more materials. There are now about sixty linear feet of new book shelving almost ready to receive books, but there will be a delay because some of the materials to totally finish the job were only available online, so they won’t be delivered for a few days. Needless to say, my house is a mess at the moment.

Astronaut Jim Wetherbee signs his book for Charles Scamahorn

Oh yes, I should mention a great lecture last night where I got to talk to Jim Wetherbee. He flew six Space Shuttle missions and I bought his book, Controlling Risk in a Dangerous World. Also, before the Science Pub, I talked to a knowledgeable guy about general science stuff for ten minutes and he turned out to be the speaker, Frederick “Rick” S. Colwell, Professor, OSU College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences.

Those two guys made me feel like I was back in Berkeley, where things like that were routine. Not so here in Bend.

Today was another day where nothing happened. It was tiring but fun.