Update of Probaway.wordpress.com World Population history tweaked

29 September 2014

The exact number of people living on Earth at the present moment from http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ is 7,264,145,184. This is an estimate, and the historical figures are clearly even more speculative. The previous Probaway post World population history graphed and smoothed took several authorities’ estimates and drew a more easily remembered line through their speculations. Below I have tweaked those charts to make them even easier to memorize.

Update 2019-04-13 11:40 PM PST = 7,697,122,700

People like to think the population is leveling off, but the worldometers current estimate of population growth this year is 23,042,700.

World population from 3000 BCE to 2020 CE

World population history estimates from the United Nations, Hyde, McEvedy, and Probaway

World human population history in logarithmic presentation

World population from 5000 BCE to 2025 graphed on a logarithmic chart. The data is smoothed but within error bars of demographers.

Another fact is that our population is living at a higher energy-consumption level than  previously.

A balance between food availability and population will be maintained.