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I am still experimenting with plain old scenery shots in an effort to get some control of this photo thing. You can click this photo to get an enlargement.

Mirror Pond in Drake Park, camera image unmodified

The problem with these daylight photos is trying to get the mountains in the background to be revealed against the light blue sky. With an exposure even a bit lighter than this photo, the sky goes white and the mountains vanish. The control of the exposure is by touching the screen at various locations, quickly observing the on-screen representation and then pressing the exposure button within a second before the camera changes back to its defaults. That requires composing the picture carefully and then not moving anything while the various exposure settings are tried with the touch screen and the button pushed. And then holding the camera still for about five seconds while the camera does its amazing artificial intelligence things.

Even this scene which I walk by almost every day has its better days and this was a good one.