My uploads of photographs have been corrupted somehow, and today I tried using Picasa as my photo printer program and got excellent results. Then on the hope that Picasa would correct my earlier problem, I resized a 4.5 gigabyte photo to 0.3-gigabyte and am now uploading it. Let’s see if that works.

Mirror Pond, Bend, Oregon, looking west from Drake Park.

This looks good, but the photo above shows the house near the center at the other end of the pond as a small white spot. In the original 4.5-gigabyte photo you can make out the one-inch wide molding between the window panes. Below I try zooming in Picasa by cropping the photo to the center of the picture.

This cropped zoom across Mirror Pond shows far more details on the white house.

This proves that my problem was with my previous photo editor and not with the WordPress upload process.