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There is an infinity of problems that one can spend a lifetime of energy trying to understand, dodge the negative effects of, and find methods for using their positive aspects. This blog has explored many of them with the general hope of helping humanity survive and improve its situation. I like the phrase “To help them live and live more abundantly” which is attributed to Jesus. When seeing what Elon Musk is doing with his time and effort it is obvious that he is applying that same strategy. One of his goals is to eliminate the burning of carbon-based fossil fuels, which if it continues will make human life in the future much more difficult.

One of the projects that I pursued with a couple of years of blog posts was the Earth Ark Project. It is a workable method of saving nearly all of the planet’s plant life and many of the other life forms too for revivification in the remote future. The cute animals of the Earth, including humans, need those plants to survive. The current seed banks of the world are saving only a relatively few species, so they are probably missing some of the critical ones needed for the general stability of the whole ecosystem.

The Philosophers Squared series is important to me, and my personal friends claim it is their favorite subject of my blogs. I am currently studying the Quadrivium and will soon begin the more basic subject, Trivium. These are the subjects studied by the Classical Greeks and the style and strategy of education through the Renaissance. It is mostly stuff that a modern person doesn’t need to know, but it is a mental workout of amazing things about our world. Those subjects and the theory of Designa presented by Wooden Books publishers have given me a shocking appreciation for the quality of the works of our ancestors.

My current thoughts on saving humanity are based on the realization that we are a transition species to something potentially much grander. We now exist in a brief moment in time where we have the technology and the knowledge of how we can make a huge impact on the whole Universe. Our life as a human species will always be measured in years and perhaps thousands of years, but we presently have the potential to create beings that will function for billions of years.

It will be dangerous for us to create our replacements for the distant future, but in that long run, we all will be organically dead but they can be brought to eternal life, and in that form we can live forever.