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The real challenges in life can be verbalized in many ways, but perhaps the most poignant, to the point, is “Make it work!” Make it work NOW. Make it work in this very moment. That requires a focus of attention, a passion for accomplishing the needed thing, the necessity of aligning that with a grander goal, a personally felt universal goal. It also requires the suppression, to the point of nonexistence, of those distracting passions that might accompany such intense dedication.

To make it work requires a calm, workmanlike focus and an attitude of a kind of flowing perfection in the moment. Not the kind of perfection that worries over the final product. Because pausing to think on that kind of perfection inhibits action, it slows the reflexes, it ponders the appropriateness, and it quits. No, that’s not it. The kind of perfection that truly works is performing physical, and mental, actions that themselves are attuned to the visible requirements of the immediate situation.

There is an infinity of possible actions that might be required at a given moment because the world is infinitely complex. But the right actions all come from the flow of inner necessity blending in harmony with the external necessities of the moment. It is the spontaneous blending of the myriad of unique factors which in combination create a final product of some appropriate kind. It is a conversation with the developing truth. There is truth and beauty when living things are flowing with their personal nature,  when they are blending their historically acquired DNA with their life experience. When these flow together with the needs of their present environment, it is the perfection of beauty. That is all you need to know.

Make it work! is the motive that is uppermost at the moment of action.

Make it work! is what the eyes are focused upon.

Make it work! is what the fingers are doing.

Make it work! is the whole interaction.

Make it work! NOW!