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Moses lived some six hundred years before his Ten Commandments were written down about the year 830 BCE in what is known as the Elohist document. (See 1st Presbyterian Bishop John Shelby SpongUnbelievable page 211.) There are three versions of the Ten Commandments: Exodus 34, Deuteronomy 5, and Exodus 20, the usual version. Here is a brief list:

Ten Commandments from the Bible
I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
Thou shalt have no other gods before me
Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image
Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy
Honor thy father and thy mother
Thou shalt not kill
Thou shalt not commit adultery
Thou shalt not steal
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor
Thou shalt not covet (neighbor’s house)
Thou shalt not covet (neighbor’s wife)
Thou shalt not covet (neighbor’s slaves, animals, or anything else)
You shall set up these stones, which I command you today, on Mount Gerizim.

That list is derived from the Jewish Elohist scholars and appears to be a truncated one culled from the commonly known much longer list published on stone-stelae at Delphi, Greece, created by The Seven Sages. Those stelae were sent to all cities in the known world where there were Greek-speaking people.

147 Suggestions from Delphi

1. Pursue goodness.
2. Obey all laws.
3. Praise goodness.
4. Obey your parents.
5. Honor justice.
6. Use your proven wisdom.
7. Base your wisdom on facts.
8. Whisper reasons to yourself.
9. Support a healthy family life.
10. Prepare for opportunities.
11. Adjust your actions to living.
12. Behave with discretion.
13. Bring honor to your family.
14. Avoid excessive actions.
15. Empower your friends.
16. Moderate your emotions.
17. Avoid unnecessary risk.
18. Respect the inevitable.
19. Avoid all swearing.
20. Encourage friendship.
21. Learn all you can.
22. Seek virtuous actions.
23. Discover what works best.
24. Reward good acts.
25. Avoid accusations.
26. Recognize quality behavior.
27. Practice being fair.
28. Be respectful of everyone.
29. Don’t expose weakness.
30. Practice courage.
31. Shun every form of evil.
32. Participate in events.
33. Protect what’s valuable.
34. Respect people’s stuff.
35. Respect people’s thoughts.
36. Keep religion personal.
37. Do many kindnesses for friends.
38. Prevent excess.
39. Make extra time for actions.
40. Prepare ahead of needs.
41. Subdue offensive actions.
42. Respect refugees.
43. Make everything comfortable.
44. Challenge your kid’s minds.
45. Help giving empowerment.
46. Look into others’ reasons.
47. Praise good actions.
48. Copy wise acts and thoughts.
49. Judge with a long view.
50. Plan your actions.
51. Shun criminals and murders.
52. Seek what you can earn.
53. Choose honest friends.
54. Challenge your character.
55. Share your gifts.
56. Start off positive.
57. Share your best work.
58. Maintain your limits.
59. Reward good deeds.
60. Shun jealousy.
61. Always be careful.
62. Acknowledge hope.
63. Despise accusations.
64. Earn what you receive.
65. Reward good actions.
66. Understand the judges.
67. Participate in family life.
68. Aim for positive outcomes.
69. Eschew cosigning.
70. Speak to communicate.
71. Seek friends like yourself.
72. Maintain slack in everything.
73. Enjoy what is easy.
74. Obey your shame.
75. Do tiny good deeds.
76. Whisper your positive goals.
77. Enjoy random events.
78. Observe and reflect.
79. Earn what you seek to own.
80. Avoid conflicts.
81. Prevent disgraceful actions.
82. Speak fairly.
83. Block improper actions.
84. Judge by accepted laws.
85. Finish your tasks promptly.
86. Judge by law not by interest.
87. Don’t slander absent people.
88. Speak from knowledge.
89. Suppress violent behavior.
90. See blessings, ignore sorrows.
91. Treat people gently.
92. Admire your completed works.
93. Help people to their goals.
94. Guide kids toward good ends.
95. Help your wife.
96. Take good care of yourself.
97. Give friendly greetings.
98. Set goals before deadlines.
99. Work hard and play fair.
100. Do your best and move on.
101. Show repentance quickly.
102. Keep your eyes on good goals.
103. Think tomorrow before action.
104. Keep actions purposeful.
105. Protect friendship as life.
106. Display your gratitude.
107. Reveal mutual interests.
108. Keep secrets secret.
109. Remember rulers’ obligations.
110. Make actions for mutual gain.
111. Say YES to opportunities.
112. Discuss mutual advantages.
113. Love old age as a gift.
114. Don’t boast about gifts.
115. Speak with kind thoughts.
116. Walk quietly away from hatred.
117. Earn money in fair ways.
118. Finish your tasks promptly.
119. Walk away from temptation.
120. Avoid unnecessary dangers.
121. Ask good questions.
122. Keep slack so you can finish.
123. Respect people’s silly beliefs.
124. Treat your dependents well.
125. Don’t challenge the departed.
126. Respect everyone, like elders.
127. Make fun games for kids.
128. Be open to people’s problems.
129. Treat yourself with respect.
130. Never force people to actions.
131. Think fondly of ancestors.
132. Risk dying for your country.
133. Use life as an opportunity.
134. Never disparage the dead.
135. Learn from the unlucky.
136. Be happy, shun debauchery.
137. Grieve losses, then move on.
138. Find healthy spouse for kids.
139. Make and accept no promises.
140. Honor all that is past.
141. Live vigorously.
142. Preplan responses to luck.
143. Explore everything.
144. Cultivate self-control.
145. Work your best options.
146. Exemplify tranquil living.
147. Die with pleasant memories.

Even barbarians could learn to speak, read and write Greek by hearing lectures given at city parks where these stelae were being discussed.