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The 7 Sages of Greece

The 7 Sages of Greece mosaic found buried at Pompeii

The 45th suggestion given by the Seven Greek Sages at Delphi was …

“Help by giving empowerment.”

“In the 6th century BCE, the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece carved the 147 suggestions, rendered here in English, in stone stelae at Delphi, Greece, and sent them for display in public places throughout the world known to the Greeks. If a person could speak the Greek language and went to a public square and heard lectures about these stelae, they could learn the alphabet and thus learn to read. That permitted almost all Greek speakers to communicate with one another through time and space.” It was an early form of internet.

Earlier this evening I was engaged in a conversation with a group of eight people who were considering calling themselves Humanists. It was a wide-ranging discussion of soul-searching questions, and challenges to the meaning of words such as: soul, being, meaning, the meaning of life, purpose, purposelessness of life, etc., and our relationship to these ideas.

The word Humanist has some associations of meaning that are not exactly what we were seeking to discover. I suggested that we are all interested in the idea of helping other people and that our core idea appeared to be greater than just respecting humans. It was about being kind to all people including ourselves. It was about being kinder to other people than we are to ourselves. It was giving empowerment to others. It was about helping people to move further along the path of their already self-chosen life trajectory.

By giving our thoughts, actions, and habits to this kind of empowerment of other people we would be creating the habits to help our own selves to grow into a higher state of being. We would, by helping other people to fulfill their deeper needs, learn how to fulfill those same kinds of needs that are our own personal needs. It is easier to see in beings external to ourselves, but who are similar to ourselves, our own needs. By helping them we help ourselves.

I seek to help you along your self-chosen path because it will help me find my way along mine.