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I haven’t finished with this book and probably never will because it has so very many interesting things to ponder and reponder. It is written at the crossroads of classic intellectual mathematics and psycho-emotional eye-catching patterning of the external and internal world of the human mind and the absolute weirdness of the natural patterns underlying and motivating the real world.

What is symmetry in physics, in math, in Fibonacci sequences, in everything: in Golden Spirals, self-organizing DNA spirals, hurricane clouds, turtle-shell patterns? These strange, naturally driven patterns are everywhere and may be easily seen once you have gotten embroiled in this book. Go to page 277 for a collection of self-organizing symmetries and let your eyes and brain go to the center of each one and float around for a while. You will come away with a new appreciation for the world. See also page 285 for harsh man-made patterns and try to find and see the underlying mental constructs.

There are hundreds of illustrations. … I paused here and started counting, and a liberal count got me over a hundred by page 20. On page 259 there are over one-hundred drawings of insects showing dorsiventrality (the symmetry of moving creatures). You will learn quite a few new words and become aware of thousands of new shapes and patterns.

If you have the itch to see your world in a new way and are willing to explore bizarre abstract visual excitement, get it with DESIGNA.