I just read over the 147 Suggestions of the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece re-rendered by me, August 20, 2013

The 7 Sages of Greece

The 7 Sages of Greece found buried at Pompeii in 79 AD

Today of the 147 maxims #100 caught my attention.

Do your best and move on. 

It caught my eye because of the struggles with the ponderosa tree stump in my backyard, compounded onto my recovery from the forty-four radiation treatments for prostate cancer, which was laden upon my advancing geriatric weakening. That coupled with my mental feebleness demonstrated by my doing one of the most dangerous job titles there is, lumberjack, with inappropriate tools, a 1¼ horsepower rotary SkillSaw. And if that wasn’t enough foolishness, I was doing these difficult operations on the ground, actually slightly underground, while contorted into weird postures.

All of these problems were created a year ago when my ponderosa tree Larry blew over in a high wind.

The roots of a Ponderosa exposed.

My Ponderosa Larry falls and I stand in its former home soil.

The offending stumps that I am now trying to remove are those to the right of my knees. Back when they had major machinery in my backyard I should have made sure they got all the tree’s roots out. There were a few solid roots left protruding from the soil, which I ignored for a year, but I now want to build a greenhouse there, so they have got to be removed. Do your best and move on. Would have included supervising the tree removal gang to do a complete job.

Now “do your best and move on” means doing hard dangerous work with nothing but smooth soil to show for it.