A typical day for me. An hour with my old dudes at the Crows Feet Commons coffee shop at Drake’s Park next to Mirror Pond on the Deschutes River. It is a beautiful coffee shop in a wonderful park setting and the conversations are good and sometimes spectacular.

I dropped by my car mechanic and set up an appointment for a new belt to be installed on the power assist for my Subaru Outback steering system. He said they normally only last a year or two and I’ve had the car for four years so it’s past due.

Then home and Debbie and I took our twenty-minute walk and then had what we call breakfast of toast and coffee. Lunch is at three, and that consists these days of Purple Carrot fancy meals prepared by Debbie.

We then went to Trader Joe’s and got groceries.

I read for a couple of hours on Designa, The Fourth Age, and Unbelievable. Those reads were interspersed with my sawing away at my Ponderosa stump again, which should have been taken out when the tree blew over. Perhaps they didn’t want to cope with it because they knew it was a tangled mess of curling roots and branches. Well, I coped and it is nearly done.

In the evening we went to a lecture put on by an Oregon State University professor concerning Global Warming. I didn’t like it much, being pitched to 101 level, so we left during the intermission.

When we got home I took my usual hot bath and read some more Designa – Technical Secrets of the Traditional Visual Arts. That is a must read for all artists and mathematicians.

It was a typical day for Debbie and me except we didn’t get to our usual evening encounters with the dogs at Hollinshead Park.