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Let’s start with the big five personality traits – OCEAN – first developed in the 1970s by Paul Costa, Robert R. McCrae and Lewis Goldberg.

Openness to experience = Eccentricity, Magical thinking (versus) Closed-minded and Inflexible

Conscientiousness = Work that gets done, Perfection done but not on time (versus) Irresponsible, Distractable, Rash

Extraversion = Attention-seeking, Excitement-seeking (versus) Detached socially cold, Anhedonia

Agreeableness = Gullible, Submissive, Selfless (versus) Manipulative, Suspicious

Neuroticism = Shameful, Flighty, Depressed, Helpless, Insecure (versus) Fearless, Shameless

Those labels have been used and are supposed to have some observed relationship to how people behave, but they don’t seem to track my needs or feelings at present. The following ideas are not being applied to anyone I know; they are being applied to me and my ongoing quest to identify and eliminate my false beliefs.

This is what I should watch for in the application of my own behavior:

The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and my negative habits.
The PCE (Positive Childhood Experience) because this and ACE are the foundation of all of my habits.
The Stability of my emotional reactions to my self and my environment.
The Honesty of what I think, say, and do to what is actually going on inside of my conscious and unconscious mind.
The Reliability of physically doing what I say I am going to do.
The Health of my body, which is being subject to medical treatments and diseases that are locally present, like the flu. 

It’s what I physically do with what I’ve got that matters.