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I have been trying to identify my false beliefs in the posts under this topic heading and have had some, at least to me, unpleasant discoveries. This evening I applied one of my changes of behavior that was derived from these previous analyses of my former habits of behavior.

My new behavior was departing at first opportunity from a large lecture, whereas in the past I would have waited through the question period before leaving. The lecture topic seemed like it would be interesting to me but as it developed it wasn’t; to me it was boring. It was boring because there were no ideas being presented that I thought could be useful to my needs. It was a public policy lecture, and I am a member of the local community, but when I realized there was nothing I could do or say where I could be making a useful input, or learn something that I might find personally useful, I decided to leave. I was courteous enough to wait until the applause began before going, but I went. In the past, I would have waited.

This new behavior is a development from my new idea of quietly walking away from people and situations that will cause me stress or are of no use to me or my future actions. That doesn’t seem like much of a discovery, but in the past I would have struggled longer to try to find a deeper meaning in the ongoing presentation.

It is the change of my physical actions that make the pursuit of my false beliefs a meaningful quest.