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One of my worldview false beliefs has been exposed by my prostate gland going cancerous. I’m eighty-three years old and it is reported that eighty percent of men age eighty have prostate cancer. Fortunately for me, it is not a short-term death sentence because mine was identified early enough to begin radiation treatment. I have now completed thirty-four of a scheduled forty-four treatments, and I have been told that everything is looking okay. That’s the good news.

One would expect that thinking philosophical thoughts, writing a thoughtful blog, and being scientifically informed would help one endure insults to one’s body. Viktor Frankl discusses at length in his book Man’s Search for Meaning how he endured years in a WW 2 German concentration camp. He had a life-saving attitude that pulled him through extremely difficult situations. I thought I could endure as he had done.

My situation is easy compared to Frankl’s and yet my former thoughts that I can endure difficulties without affecting my personal behavior isn’t working out as expected. I have been feeling physically tired, emotionally irritable, and more annoyed by other people’s antisocial behavior than ever before.

With all of my education, etc., I have all the frailties that are to be expected of someone in my situation.