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One of my “probable” false beliefs is that I am willing to expose myself to new experiences. That idea has morphed over the years from a willingness to take some adventurous risks, like climbing Mt. Hood on the difficult east side the week before I graduated from high school. Then to a willingness to take physical risks for a grand purpose, like being a US Air Force pilot and defending my country. That moved on to taking business risks for the sake of furthering the well-being of our whole country. Then teaching at a college level to improve young people’s chances of becoming successful in what they would attempt to do later in their lives.

From those applications of my time, energy and risk tolerance it becomes apparent that I moved from being willing to take a physical risk on to taking economic risks with little physical risk. From those things, I moved on to be at the center of some social activities at Berkeley, such as The Free Speech Movement, and the People’s Park confrontation with the State of California … both of which we legally won. There was a slight physical risk and substantial legal risk, but campuses throughout the US now have the right to have political literature tables in their plazas. We thought we had free speech but when it came to claiming that right it required a confrontation with the authorities. We won!

The issue at People’s Park was more complex because the University had, through right of eminent domain, taken several acres of city property and then abandoned it for several years. We, the citizens of Berkeley, had to confront the state to regain usage of their abandoned eyesore in the middle of a prime area. People’s Park is still a public park nearly sixty years later, so we won that one too.

I did a bunch of other things too, but I always felt my efforts were worthwhile because the public good was more important to me than my personal gain. My personal experiences made it possible for people in general to have more abundant lives.

When I look at the last several years, my Earth Ark Project, to save all of the plants of the world because without the plants the animals, even the cute ones, couldn’t exist, was based my willingness to expose myself, and you, to new experiences. Ten years of writing this blog every day was an effort to help people gain successful personal experience. When I look back on these efforts I wonder, am I willing to expose myself to new experiences, or am I kidding myself?  How do I eliminate my false beliefs about these past experiences? By realizing that my motivation wasn’t to expose myself to new experiences; these were things I thought needed to be done, so I did them.

Is my effort to Self-Actualize the whole Universe based on a false belief that it is possible?