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Perhaps one of my key false beliefs is that people want to improve themselves. Once again in my three-mile drive across town, there were only a few opportunities for a car to enter into the thoroughfare street that I was on, but someone crossed a STOP sign at approximately twenty miles per hour.

What they did wasn’t unsafe this particular time because it was clear that there was no traffic to interfere with their progress. A couple of days ago while I was waiting at a RED light I saw a person run past me at high speed where there was another car involved. That other car had to slow and yield a little space for this violator. Once again this wasn’t particularly dangerous because there was enough space. My problem is the flagrant violation of a simple public law shows an utter disrespect not only for the public laws but of other people in the public space.

Grabbing other people’s space and property isn’t improving one’s self it is simple greed that will corrupt a person to their core.