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Humanity’s goal must be to grab the Universe by its bootstraps and pull it into a full consciousness of itself so it can self-actualize its potentials. It is my belief that we are now at the moment in time when we must commit to helping our Universe to become conscious. We have been hanging our toes over the edge of oblivion ever since the creation of H-bombs in the 1950s, and a tiny miscalculation would put all of us into a thin geologic layer of dirt already forming and labeled the Anthropocene. We can and must take our society to the next level of responsibility for  helping the Universe to evolve from a vast amount of random matter into an equally vast amount of coherent matter being organized to an ultimate purpose. The current random natural trend seems to be toward a cold dark place where ultimately nothing will be happening. And yet, before that time comes it would be possible for our universe to be unified into a thinking being to do magnificent things. 

Humanity now has the infrastructure for taking raw natural materials and converting them into thinking matter that could form a society that could propagate to stars and planets within our Milky Way galaxy. In the time that it would take to accomplish that grand scheme there might be ways to move on to other galaxies that are now only dim glows in the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field (HUDF) photo.

How can I eliminate my false belief that this is a worthy goal and that I can help to get it started when I believe this is what the whole Universe needs you and me to do?

It’s a big job helping the Universe to self-actualize and we must get started while we can.